Jewish Heritage in Gibraltar: An Architectural Guide

Still the Best Book on Jewish Gib around

by Sharman Kadish

Drawings by Barbara Bowman
Photography by Nigel Corrie
Spire Books Ltd. in association with
Jewish Heritage UK
Full colour photographs and maps, 80pp.
ISBN: 978 1 904965 12 1 (Paperback)
RRP: £9.95

The Rock of Gibraltar has been a haven for Jews since its capture by the British in 1704, Catholic Spain having expelled them from its shores in 1492. By the mid-18th century, about a third of the population of Gibraltar was Jewish, adding to the richly cosmopolitan mix of the free port. Today Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus, from England, Spain, Portugal and Italy, North Africa and India, live side by side in Gibraltar. Now the Gibraltar Jewish community, Sephardim mostly from Morocco, is some 600 strong and its four historic synagogues are all still in use. They form a rare legacy in Europe having been untouched by the ravages of the Second World War. Discover Jewish heritage in Gibraltar with this first-ever authoritative guidebook featuring full-colour photographs, drawings and an architectural heritage trail.